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Networking is our strength. Networking plays an important role in the journey towards our goal. Since its inception, WBEN has adopted a two-pronged approach: focus on encouraging grass root level experiments as well as advocacy at the state and district levels. Apart from netwbrking at the community, block and district levels, WBEN associated itself in 1998 with National Alliance for Fundamental Right to Education and Equity or NAFREE, the national coalition of education centric organizations spr ad through 14 states of India. In 2001 WBEN associated itself with Prachi Sanghars Path Zonal Alliance. The network is now trying to broad base itself by including other non-CRY organizations at the state level in order to strengthen the campaign. These initiatives of WBEN cover 12 districts of West Bengal Le. Kolkata, 24 Parganas(S), 24 parganas(N), East Medinipur, West Medinipur, Purulia, Bankura, Howrah, Hooghly, Murshidabad, B;3rdhaman and now WBEN is trying to extend its activities in the remaining districts of West Bengal. Local level networks have been formed by 12 (twelve) organizations in their respective areas.
Issues covered: Child Rights, Education policy, Common School System, Village Education Committee, Child Education, different livelihood issues.