Awareness Building & Campaign PDF Print E-mail

Awareness of the people in general about their fundamental rights happens to be one of the principal activities of WBEN. Naturally, campaign occupies an important place in our gamut of activities. The campaign tries to reach the different strata of society including the rural, urban, periurban people and govt. officials. The campaign has two different purposes - one, to let the people know about their rights and two, to organise them so that they could fight for it. Different campaigning modes are adopted such as organising programs for collecting mass signatures for the purpose of general awareness about an issue and placing the demand to mass representatives & govt. officials, holding small meetings with the different sections of people, producing leaflets-posters-advertisements-pubiicity materials, organising rallies, campaigning round villages and peri-urban areas over microphone, holding street corners, staging street theatres, projecting cinema slides etc.