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In the national and state level the ball was already rolling. Individuals, organisations had already set their best foot forward towards researching, experimenting, implementing their different views and methods on education.

As a result Nayi Taleem and Shantiniketan were already there, and Eklavya, Pratham, Vikramshila and MV Foundation, Child Relief and You (CRY) ( now it is called Child Rights & You) and many, many others were working their way out in their respective states, regions and locality on education.
At their personal level, each of them were working towards i) imparting quality education in different levels ( pre-primary, primary, etc.) to the community, ii) devising alternative forms of teaching, iii) devising education curricula and new forms of education materials and iv) conducting innovative teacher training programme to substantiate the above-mentioned processes. The government too was on the move with its National Policy on education and their various revisions, different education commissions, implementing schemes (EGA and AIE, 1986) favoring non-formal methods of education, different education programmes (DPEP 1990), amending its policies and constitutional framework and ensuring greater role of local governments, panchayat towards education(1992).
During this period (later part of 1991), CRY had ventured into this eastern fringe of the country and had started supporting the individual initiatives of a few organisations already working in West Bengal in the field of education. A loose network was in vogue through exchange of views, experiences, lessons learnt, opportunity for teachers, supervisors of the partner organisations of CRY, to have an exposure of each other's programmes and strategies and to analyse one's own programme.


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